Specialty Unit Rules & Regulations

Fiesta Bowl Parade

The success of the Fiesta Bowl Parade greatly depends on quality specialty units such as yours.  We require all Parade participants to adhere to the following guidelines:
1. The theme for this year’s Parade is “Spirit of the Southwest.”
2. Entries must keep moving along the Parade route at all times.  Under no circumstances should any group stop or slow down for theatrical performances, or otherwise.  Only designated Parade representatives may instruct participants to speed up or slow down according to the pace of the Parade.
3. All performances must be staged in a professional manner.  All participants must be in costume. Any vehicle used in a specialty unit must be decorated to match the theme of the parade unit. All music, decoration, costuming and sound systems are subject to review by the Parade Committee prior to performance.   
4. No commercial signage may be displayed by your group, in any way, on the Parade route without prior sponsorship approval from the Parade Committee.  Any sponsor must be disclosed on the parade application. A written agreement is required for all commercial exposure and all fees must be paid in full (if applicable) prior to performance.  Should the unit not abide by this regulation, it may be subject to removal from the Parade. 
5. Equipment (i.e. golf carts, vehicles) used in transporting sound systems must have a professional decor and is subject to review.  All items of consideration must receive written approval from the Parade Committee.  Any units not meeting the approval of the Parade Committee will be withdrawn from the Parade and will not be invited to participate in the future.  Note:  Each group must coordinate their own sound system and transportation as the Fiesta Bowl will not provide equipment to any units.
6. No unauthorized floats or professionally built floats will be permitted to participate without the prior approval of the Parade Committee.  A plan to use a float must be disclosed in the parade application and fees may be required. 
7. There is to be no consumption of alcohol before, during or after the Parade. Alcohol is not permitted on the Parade route or in the staging/destaging areas.  This is a violation of Arizona State law 4244.20 and will be strictly enforced.  Violators are subject to maximum fine of $750.00, four months in jail, or both.  If alcohol is found amongst your group, you will be asked to leave the Parade and will not be invited to participate in future Parades.
8. No objects (i.e. candy, coupons, photos, confetti, etc.) may be thrown to the crowd during the Parade.  This includes distribution of materials to any observers along the length of the Parade route.  This restriction is a requirement of the City of Phoenix Police Department and is for the safety of all parties.  Failure to comply with this request will result in immediate removal from the Parade and will eliminate consideration for future Parade appearances.  Costs incurred for the removal of such items from the Parade route will be the responsibility of the violating group.
9. Application information provided to the Parade Committee will be used, among other things, to identify potential Parade participants.  This information is also used in establishing the Parade order of entries, for staging/destaging purposes and as script text. The Parade Committee will attempt to utilize this information in any and all scripts.  Final scripts, however, are the sole discretion of the Parade Committee and the broadcasting network.
10. Each unit must provide their own banner with unit name, to precede their unit in the parade lineup. Each unit must carry their own banner.
11. If vehicles are used, all participants must be seated and securely enclosed by either four walls or a safety belt. Failure to follow this rule can result in removal from the parade. 
11. All participants must have fun!