Stadium Policies

fiesta bowl stadium policies
The Fiesta Bowl strongly encourages all fans to exercise responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Fans should be aware of the following policies:
  • Any fan who shows signs of impairment and/or intoxication will not be allowed to enter or will be ejected and subject to arrest.
  • No alcoholic beverages can be brought inside the events. Any attempt to bring in alcohol or possession of an alcoholic beverage not purchased from the event concessionaire may result in ejection.
  • State of Arizona law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21. All fans should be prepared to show proper identification if requested by the concessionaire staff member. Failure to comply may result in ejection.
  • Fans providing alcoholic beverages to persons under 21 years of age will be ejected and subject to arrest.
  • Concessionaire staff members reserve the right to deny service to fans who show signs of impairment and/or intoxication.
  • A maximum of two alcoholic beverages or 32 ounces of beer will be sold per person per transaction.
  • Alcohol sales cease at the beginning of the third quarter.
  • Management reserves the right to change these policies and procedures at any time without prior notice.
Fans wearing clothing deemed obscene or indecent will not be allowed to enter and are subject to ejection. Foul, abusive or obscene language or gestures are not tolerated. Fighting, taunting or threatening remarks or gestures are not tolerated. Intoxication or other signs of impairment related to any type of illegal drug or excessive alcohol consumption are not tolerated. Excessive standing in seating areas that blocks the view of other fans in the stadium is not tolerated. Attempting to enter or access the playing field without the proper credential will be considered trespassing and is grounds for immediate ejection and arrest. Other actions that cause a disruption and hinder the enjoyment of the event for fans per the judgment of staff or security is not tolerated. Fans who do not follow the Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection without refund.
To show appreciation for their dedication to get friends and family home safely, Budweiser/Hensley rewards all designated drivers with a coupon for one complimentary non-alcoholic beer. To be a designated driver, fans over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license may sign up pre-game at a stadium Guest Services location.
Re-entry is not allowed.
All fans are subject to security screening prior to entering the stadium, including a physical pat-down or metal detector wanding and inspection of all items brought inside the facility. Fans can expedite this procedure by removing their hats and emptying their pockets of any items before reaching security. Fans who elect not to consent to this security screening will be denied entry. Due to these security procedures, fans are encouraged to enter the stadium at least 45 minutes prior to kickoff. There are no lockers available outside the stadium to secure non-permissible items nor can items be held by security staff. Fans should be aware of the following non-permissible items:
  • Aerosol cans
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (except for service animals)
  • Any item deemed inappropriate or hazardous by stadium security
  • Bags larger than 12” x 12” x 12” with no one dimension or side larger than 12” (small fanny packs, backpacks, purses and diaper bags, if accompanied by a baby/infant, are allowed)
  • Banners or signs larger than 3’ x 2’ (obscene language prohibited)
  • Beverages, beverage containers, bottles, cans and thermoses (one factory-sealed, non-frozen 500 mL/16.9 fl. oz. bottle of clear water per person is allowed)
  • Brooms, poles or sticks of any kind
  • Cameras with professional photo lenses larger than eight inches and mono/tripods
  • Chewing tobacco and E-cigarettes
  • Clothing deemed obscene or indecent
  • Coolers of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Folding chairs
  • Food (except for children under 2 years of age)
  • Footballs and beach balls
  • Laptop computers (tablet devices are allowed)
  • Laser pointers
  • Noisemakers including but not limited to whistles, horns, bells, etc.
  • Radios (except personal radios accompanied with headphones)
  • Radio frequency scanning devices
  • Rollerblades or skateboards
  • Strollers must be checked at a Guest Services location within the stadium; small umbrella strollers must collapse and fit underneath seat
  • Umbrellas
  • Video cameras
  • Weapons including, but not limited to, firearms and knives
In accordance with the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, the stadium is a non-smoking facility, including e-cigarettes. There are three designated smoking locations on the main concourse located outside
Gate 2 and outside the doors at section 102 & 137. Fans on the club, loft and terrace levels may access the designated smoking locations on the north ramp. Fans outside the stadium must be at least 20 feet from any stadium entrance while smoking. Fans who do not comply with the smoking policy are subject to ejection.
Guide, signal and service animals are allowed with fans who need their assistance. No pets or other animals are permitted.
Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs) are available and can be checked out at Guest Services locations by sections 104, 123, 417 & 448. A valid driver’s license or other form of identification is required.
ATMs are located on the main concourse at sections 102, 136 & 137, club concourse at sections 216 & 233 and the terrace concourse at section 416 along with additional portable ATMs throughout the stadium. ATMs also are located in the pre-game parties surrounding the stadium.
Rojo Hospitality Group is the exclusive food service provider at University of Phoenix Stadium. Fans may obtain a concession stand guide at any of the Guest Services locations inside the stadium. Concession stands and merchandise locations accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.
Elevators are only to be used by disabled guests and loft-level ticket holders. There is an elevator located near each main entrance for general ticket holders with disabilities and one at each club entrance for club level ticket holders with disabilities and for loft ticket holders.
  • Hyundai Gate 1: Near section 103
  • Gila River Club West: Entrance/near section 113
  • University of Phoenix Gate 2: Administrative entrance/near section 123
  • Insight Club East: Entrance near section 128
  • Budweiser Gate 3: Near section 136
Fans should record their section, row and seat numbers at home and office. If an emergency arises during the game, please call the Security Office at 623.433.7156 with the seating information and a stadium staff member will be sent to that location. Per stadium policy, announcements will not be made over the public address systems to locate someone.
The stadium is equipped with escalators located adjacent to the three public and two private entrances. The escalators located directly inside Gates 1 and 3 allow fans access to the club level and terrace concourse. The escalators located at Gate 2 provide fans direct access to the terrace concourse only. The escalators at the Club West and Club East entrances are reserved for club and loft ticket holders and access club level 15 only. The escalators run upward through halftime and change downward during the second half to speed exiting at the conclusion of the game. Fans should never walk up or down a non-operational escalator. There is an escalator/ramp tandem located at Gate 2. Both bring guests from the main concourse to the upper terrace with access points to the club and loft levels for those with appropriate tickets.
The stadium has four first-aid locations to assist fans throughout the event. The first-aid offices are located along the main concourse near sections 122 & 136 and terrace concourse near sections 416 & 448.
Outside Stadium: There are four Guest Services locations outside the stadium in the surrounding parking lots (see parking map on page four for exact locations). There is also a Guest Services booth inside College Football’s Biggest Party. Please visit these booths for answers to pregame questions.
Inside Stadium: Guest Services locations are near sections 104, 123, 417 & 448. Please visit one of the four Guest Services locations for any needs you have during the game.
Claim forms are available to report missing items at Guest Services locations. After the game, fans inquiring about lost items should call the University of Phoenix Stadium Security Office at 623.433.7147. University of Phoenix Stadium and the Fiesta Bowl cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged items.
Children who are separated from their family or friends will be escorted by a stadium staff member to the closest Guest Services location in the stadium. All children are encouraged to stop by a Guest Services location to procure a child locator wristband when they enter the stadium.
Merchandise stands are located throughout the stadium. Major credit cards are accepted at merchandise stands. Fans may purchase the collectible game program at various locations based on availability. Merchandise also may be purchased inside College Football’s Biggest Party and outside the stadium.
The Fiesta Bowl and the University of Phoenix Stadium is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act in providing open captioning service for the stadium public address system. Open captioning is displayed under the north and south video boards throughout Fiesta Bowl game day. In addition, open captioning is available via personal smart phones or smart phones available free of charge at the Gate 1 Guest Services office (across from Section 104). Fans will be asked to leave a valid driver’s license or other form of identification when the smart phone is checked out.
The stadium does not offer pay phones. However, fans can request the use of a phone at any of the four Guest Services locations. A TDD phone for hearing and speech-impaired fans is located at the Gate 1 location. Phone charging units are available at Gates 1 and 2.
There are 50 men’s, women’s and family restrooms located throughout the stadium. All restrooms are ADA accessible and equipped with a diaper-changing table. Portable restrooms are located around the stadium and inside the pregame parties.
If you require assistance or wish to report violations of the Code of Conduct during the game, stadium staff may be reached via text message. Text “Cards <SPACE> issue and location” to 69050.
Fans are not permitted to bring firearms or any other weapons inside the events. In accordance with Arizona House Bill 2457, law enforcement officials attending the events are permitted to bring a firearm if he/she is in compliance with the Arizona peace officer standards and training board requirements.
The Valley of the Sun is aptly named. Although summer temperatures routinely reach triple digits, the winter months are much cooler and January evenings are often chilly. When planning to attend this year’s Fiesta Bowl, please remember to wear layered clothing and bring a coat. The sun is expected to set at approximately 5:30 p.m. MST on January 1, 2014. Therefore, while you may be experiencing a beautiful 66-degree day on your way to the stadium, temperatures could drop as low as 40 degrees before the game reaches halftime. University of Phoenix Stadium’s retractable roof may be open during the game, so please dress accordingly.