University of Phoenix Stadium

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Name: University of Phoenix Stadium

Capacity: 73,000

Playing Surface: Natural Grass (Tifway 419 Bermuda hybrid planted in early May 2006 using stolons in an 11" bed of USGA sand mix with inclusions.)

Lighting: 700 Musco pre-aimed sports lights providing over 1 million watts of lighting.

Stadium Height: 233 feet from the playing surface to top of roof, approximately 19 stories high.

With its retractable field and roof, University of Phoenix Stadium is unlike any other in North America. The exterior design of the stadium was provided by renowned architect Peter Eisenman, along with HOK Sport. The basic form of the design takes its cue from a barrel cactus and offers alternating vertical slots with smooth panels.

University of Phoenix Stadium was constructed with a retractable roof containing two large panels that retract to uncover the entire playing field. It also features a roll-out field consisting of a 152,000 square-foot concrete stadium floor with an embedded utility grid. The natural grass field remains in a retractable, 12-million pound tray outside the stadium until game day for maximum sun exposure and nourishment. The tray takes approximately 45 minutes to move inside the stadium and rests in a tray atop tracks as it rolls out on a steel wheel set powered by small electric motors.

The stadium has permanent seating for 63,000, but expands to hold approximately 73,000 for events such as the Fiesta Bowl. A total of 88 luxury suites on two levels, club seating for 7,000 with access to private club lounge areas, lower bowl seating for 29,000 and upper deck seating for approximately 26,000 accommodate patrons. All seats are individual chairs with arm rests and cup holders.

The press box is located in the southwest corner, it accommodates approximately 154 working media members.  There also is a national television broadcast booth, a home coaches booth, a visiting coaches booth, an instant replay booth, an officials booth, a scoreboard and PA control booth, a stats booth and four radio booths.


The 2011 BCS National Championship had 78,603 fans in attendance, which was the largest crowd in the history of University of Phoenix Stadium.